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Sunday - Jul. 19, 2020
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Sentinel: A consequence of Marsy's Law secrecy: Less accountability for police who use force | Editorial

TB Times: As Ron DeSantis slips in Florida polls, Democratic challengers for governor are starting to emerge

Herald: Six Democrats seek up-for-grabs Senate seat in jam-packed South Florida primary

Sentinel: Lake County Commission District 1; Doug Shields versus Tim Sullivan

Sentinel: Gov. Ron DeSantis touts more Remdesivir, says media ignore COVID-19 context

Sentinel: Interview: Democratic primary candidates Farrell and Thompson in District 44 state House

TB Times: Ron DeSantis declines to remember John Lewis at news conference

Sentinel: Florida officials remember John Lewis: 'Rest in Power'

TB Times: Cohn leads in fundraising and Kathy Castor backs Hattersley in tight CD 15 race

Sentinel: Endorsements: For Seminole County Commission races, Bob Dallari, Lee Constantine and Pernell Bush

TB Times: As debate rages on reopening schools, Tampa Bay districts and nonprofit group plan how to feed children

TB Times: Trump heading to Tampa for July 31 fundraiser

Sentinel: Central Florida counties get more than $10 million of CARES Act funds for low-income housing

Herald: DeSantis cites progress, optimism for COVID outbreak in Central Florida

TB Times: Ron DeSantis predicts coronavirus outbreak in Central Florida will improve in the next month

Herald: DeSantis' COVID strategy: Talk about the good, avoid talking about how to prevent the bad

Sentinel: Florida nursing homes see dramatic climb in COVID-19 cases; workers hardest hit

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