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Monday - Jul. 13, 2020
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Sentinel: Trump fights headwinds as he and Biden battle over Florida

TB Times: Tampa Bay elections supervisors seeking 'cures' for mail ballot signature issues

TB Times: President Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Biden visit Tampa

TB Times: Judge denies landlords' request to void CDC eviction moratorium

Sentinel: Central Florida elections chiefs, law officers stand at the ready to fight voter intimidation

Sentinel: Map: All but 7 of Florida's counties have already cast more early votes than they did in 2016

Sentinel: US Postal Service won't send Florida ballots to 'far-flung' sorting facilities: report

Sentinel: Kamala Harris to campaign Saturday in South Florida

Herald: Ransomware attacks have hit Florida institutions and governments. How big is the risk?

Herald: Florida funding for vital COVID-19 contact tracing may be ending soon

Herald: How Floridians are voting: The latest numbers on October 29

Herald: Election live updates: Here's what is happening in Florida with 5 days to go

Herald: 'It's getting really bad': Fake threats trigger fear for Spanish-speaking Trump backers

Sentinel: Texas tightens to a toss-up between Biden and Trump: Track the race for president in key battleground states

Herald: Court dismisses attempt to derail open-primary amendment on November ballot

Herald: A reader's guide to fighting misinformation and disinformation this election season

Sentinel: Florida man charged with hacking into voter database and changing DeSantis' home address

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