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Saturday - Jul. 4, 2020
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TB Times: Letter may show Spano advocated oil drilling off Florida

Sentinel: July 4 is a time to celebrate, not denigrate, the U.S.A. and its birth | Commentary

TB Times: Fireworks sales skyrocket after Florida legalizes use for Fourth of July

Sentinel: Florida Democratic legislators sign letter demanding DeSantis issue mask mandate

Sentinel: Vote by mail has a long history in Florida, but in 2020 it's both a coronavirus salvation and a battleground

TB Times: Ron DeSantis' net worth up nearly 3 percent in first year as Florida governor

Herald: 'OSHA is AWOL': Critics say federal agency is where workplace COVID-19 complaints go to die

Sentinel: Sole surviving plaintiff in Supreme Court's LGBTQ ruling: The fight isn't over

TB Times: Trump visits Mount Rushmore today for fireworks 'display like few people have seen'

TB Times: Herman Cain treated for COVID-19 after attending Trump rally in Tulsa

Herald: 'We'll be waiting on you.' Florida sheriff wants to deputize gun owners against protesters

Herald: As elections go digital, Democratic legislators want state to preserve the images

TB Times: DeSantis cuts money for prison updates, hepatitis C treatment

Herald: Summer heat, COVID-19 converge on prisons. Funds for updates, hepatitis care got cut.

Herald: Pence: Florida can thank President Trump for being prepared to handle COVID cases

Sentinel: DeSantis won't take responsibility for rising coronavirus cases, cites low death rate

Herald: As COVID-19 spreads in juvenile lockups, public defenders, advocates call for testing

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