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Friday - Jun. 12, 2020
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SayfieReview: NSF: RNC makes Jacksonville convention official

Sentinel: Pulse Remembrance Day: DeSantis orders moment of silence, flags at half staff for today's 4th anniversary

Herald: The Florida COVID-19 data said one thing while Gov. DeSantis sometimes said another

Herald: Floridians flattened the COVID curve. Then, amid upbeat talk, the numbers began to rise

Herald: Reluctantly, under pressure, Florida disclosed COVID-19 data. What the numbers tell us

Herald: 'Leading indicators of a resurgence': COVID-19 numbers trending up since reopening

TB Times: Why Trump should be worried about Florida's faulty unemployment system

TB Times: Prominent local Republicans call for resignation of Hillsborough GOP chairman

Sentinel: Trump's dream of oil rigs off Florida's coasts: Another reason to vote against him | Editorial

Sentinel: Republican Party chooses Jacksonville for Trump's convention speech

TB Times: Get ready Florida: RNC Convention is coming to Jacksonville

Sentinel: Republicans bringing Trump's presidential acceptance celebration to Florida

Sentinel: Democrats vying for Orange-Osceola state attorney talk police misconduct, cash bail at forum

Herald: Florida's reopening plan for schools has lots of detail but defers to local decisions

Herald: Florida Republicans insist Trump will not expand oil drilling off Florida's Gulf Coast

TB Times: Gov. Ron DeSantis announces plan for reopening Florida schools

Sentinel: 'We want schools fully open,' Florida's commissioner of education says

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