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Friday - May. 22, 2020
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Herald: When DeSantis issued stay-at-home order, Florida had already logged 188 COVID-19 deaths

Sentinel: Florida Supreme Court reverses itself on death penalty restriction from 2016

Herald: As Florida releases new COVID-19 death data, one medical examiner defies state's secrecy

TB Times: Florida Supreme Court reverses itself again on death penalty legal issue

TB Times: Florida says no evidence of fraud in 2018 mail vote fraud probe

Herald: Conservative Florida Supreme Court reverses itself again on death penalty legal issue

Herald: VP Pence touts Florida's reopening in visit to Orlando with DeSantis

TB Times: Florida coalition that paid CEO $7.5 million has its money taken over by receiver

Herald: Judge: Besieged domestic violence foundation must give $1.5 million in assets to state

Sentinel: No charges will be filed in Florida vote-by-mail fraud probe, investigators say

Sentinel: Thriving companies getting hundreds of millions in federal coronavirus tax breaks | Exclusive

Herald: Florida committed $283 million to adding hospital beds. Then they weren't needed.

Sentinel: SeaWorld CEO tells Vice President Mike Pence park could reopen in June

TB Times: Mike Pence in Orlando: Florida 'leading the way to open up America again'

Sentinel: Trump's press secretary makes inaccurate claim about why president voted by mail in Palm Beach County

Sentinel: Orlando airport scaling back $3 billion new terminal, offering rent breaks to tenants

Herald: Florida knew a COVID-19 pandemic was likely. State leaders didn't warn the public.

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