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Friday - May. 1, 2020
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TB Times: Only 2 percent of Florida residents have been tested. It's much lower in rural areas.

Herald: Florida extends food stamp benefits for families as it deals with application backlog

Sentinel: No more handshakes or photo ops: Biden, Trump adjust to virtual fundraising amid coronavirus

Herald: As Florida starts to reopen, fewer than 2% of residents have been tested for COVID-19

Sentinel: Brad King's power play cost voters a chance to choose their next state attorney | Editorial

Herald: Felon pays $30 each paycheck but owes $10,000. He wants to vote 'like regular person.'

Sentinel: Orlando felon says law makes him afraid to vote

Sentinel: DeSantis' task force report on coronavirus lays out reopening's next steps

Herald: Unemployed and without benefits, Floridians sue over state's malfunctioning system

TB Times: Lawyers take aim at Florida's broken unemployment system with two class action lawsuits

TB Times: Sorry, Ron DeSantis. NASCAR's return won't be in Florida

TB Times: St. Petersburg restaurants should prepare to re-open, Mayor Rick Kriseman says

Sentinel: Reopening Florida: Gov. DeSantis orders first steps following coronavirus crisis

Herald: Miami-Dade 'not over the hill' on coronavirus but hospitalizations are leveling off

TB Times: Trump erupts at campaign team as his poll numbers slide

TB Times: Democrats suffer setback in ruling, restoring top billing for GOP candidates

Herald: Governor announces reopening plan for state, but South Florida isn't included yet

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