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Monday - Apr. 27, 2020
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Herald: Doctors join DeSantis in appeal to non-COVID-19 patients to return to hospitals

Sentinel: 'Better than anyone predicted': Gov. DeSantis praises Central Florida's coronavirus efforts

Sentinel: Four Dems battle to succeed Ayala as coronavirus doesn't postpone candidate qualifying deadline

TB Times: 'I'm not in a rush.' DeSantis says no theaters or sports venues yet. Florida will reopen in phases

Herald: Nursing homes seeking protection from COVID liability may need to get generators first

TB Times: Florida pharmacists to be allowed to issue COVID-19 tests, DeSantis says

Sentinel: Florida barbershops, bars, restaurants seek coronavirus reopening under some restrictions

Herald: DeSantis allows pharmacies to test for COVID-19 as he contemplates reopening Florida

Herald: Florida re-opening task force considers how COVID-19 complicates hurricane response

TB Times: COVID-19 could end Florida's use of schools as hurricane shelters

Sentinel: Restaurant chain J. Alexander's to return $15.1 million in small business loans

TB Times: Florida's Congressional battles are now set. Here's what they look like.

Herald: Now you absolutely can't reach Florida's unemployment website. It's down until Monday.

TB Times: Rick Scott says Americans would rather collect unemployment than go to work

Sentinel: SeaWorld, other big companies preparing to borrow money from taxpayers

Sentinel: Presidential campaigns, now all virtual, try to engage Florida voters

TB Times: How is Florida's stay-at-home order playing in the race to unseat Charlie Crist?

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