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Saturday - Mar. 21, 2020
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Sentinel: Mayors Demings and Dyer: Confront coronavirus together, by staying apart | Commentary

TB Times: PolitiFact: How the 2008 and 2020 recessions will be different, and why that matters

TB Times: Florida's coronavirus hot spot is this Fort Lauderdale assisted living facility

Sentinel: DeSantis shuts down restaurant dining rooms in Florida; Orange, Osceola under curfew

TB Times: Broward assisted living facility failed to screen employees, DeSantis says. Now two residents are dead.

Sentinel: DeSantis shutters restaurants, ends non-emergency medical procedures in coronavirus battle

Herald: More bad news, especially about Broward ALF. DeSantis vows, 'We will get through it.'

Sentinel: Swamped with coronavirus response, DeSantis punts on Florida Supreme Court picks

Herald: Florida becomes the Takeout State as DeSantis closes restaurant dining rooms

Herald: Rubio drafts $300 billion plan to keep workers employed during coronavirus pandemic

TB Times: Can Florida hold elections in the coronavirus era?

Sentinel: Biden vs. Trump: Who would win Florida in November?

Sentinel: Gov. Ron DeSantis' performance is under the microscope as he leads Florida's response to coronavirus

TB Times: Florida suspends visitation to juvenile detention centers because of coronavirus

TB Times: 2020 campaigns go digital amid fears of coronavirus spread

Sentinel: The workers who sustain us during the coronavirus crisis deserve Florida's respect | Editorial

Sentinel: Thousands of jobless Floridians face meager unemployment benefits, due to cuts under Gov. Rick Scott

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