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Friday - Mar. 6, 2020

Herald: The Democratic primary is now Bernie against Biden. Florida could change the race

Florida Politics: Latest poll of Florida primary shows Joe Biden with huge lead over Bernie Sanders

Herald: Citing concern over Sanders challenges in Florida, Democratic super PAC postpones ad blitz

Herald-Tribune: Super Tuesday: Mike Bloomberg out after big play for Florida voters

Herald-Tribune: Florida primary: Dems outpaced GOP in voter registration, but will they vote?

Herald: I voted early for a candidate who dropped out of the race. What can I do about it?

Sun-Sentinel: Voters, prepare your ballots. Now's the time to return that Florida presidential primary mail vote.

AP: Florida Gov: New coronavirus case brings state’s total to 4

Post: Coronavirus: DeSantis says more tests needed

Bradenton Herald: Florida isn't widely testing for coronavirus. State blames CDC for lack of testing kits

Sentinel: Federal rules changed to allow more testing for coronavirus. Florida isn't going to follow them.

Sentinel: As Disney, Universal add hand sanitizers over coronavirus, visitors play it cool. 'I'm not going to be a hermit.'

NWF Daily News: Sen. Rick Scott proposes changes for foreign military students after NAS Pensacola attack

Herald: He worked for President Obama in opening up Cuban relations. Patrick Hidalgo dies at 41

POLITICO: Florida GOP donor convicted on corruption charges in North Carolina

Sentinel: Who will lead UCF? Group chooses two Ivy League-educated MDs, Texas school's president to vie for post

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Sentinel: Florida Democrats to unveil Orlando billboard attacking Trump on health care

Sentinel: Orlando Rep. Val Demings may be on the list of potential Biden running mates

Sentinel: Tax break would save millions for companies that rent bulldozers, backhoes and other construction equipment

TB Times: Despite coronavirus crisis, Florida House passes $193 million tax cut bill

Herald: With worry growing about a slowing economy, House moves ahead with broad tax cut bill

Sentinel: Coronavirus fears cancel 2 conferences in Orlando; 'we're still open for business,' Mayor Demings says

Sentinel: Clermont woman charged with falsifying voter records

SayfieReview: NSF: House backs THC limit for medical marijuana

TB Times: Retired Tampa police major can't run for Hillsborough sheriff as a Democrat, records show

Herald: The Democratic primary is now 'Bernie against Biden.' Florida could change the race

Herald: I voted early for a candidate who dropped out of the race. What can I do about it?

Sentinel: Florida Senate approves tougher rules to protect the elderly in wake of Fierle case

Herald: House votes to use 'any means' to get domestic violence coalition CEO to talk

Herald: THC cap on medical marijuana progresses in the House

Sentinel: Two candidates compete for Maitland council seat amid questions about growth

TB Times: Should the FBI investigate the city of Tampa? Bill Carlson drops a bombshell

Sentinel: As Florida Democratic presidential primary looms, here is where Biden and Sanders stand

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