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Wednesday - Feb. 12, 2020

Post($): Trump in Palm Beach: Expect traffic delays as president returns for weekend visit

Sun-Sentinel: Centrist Broward Democrats still hoping for Joe Biden, but Mike Bloomberg is clear second choice

FlaPol: Bobby Powell and 22 other black leaders in Florida endorse Elizabeth Warren

FlaPol: Rick Scott questions federal efforts to protect Americans from coronavirus

FlaPol: Rick Scott calls for World Health Organization analysis on coronavirus

WLRN: In Trump's NASA Budget, Florida Stands To Gain

FlaPol: Darren Soto, Donna Shalala want unpaid Hurricane Maria claims in Puerto Rico resolved quickly

Sun-Sentinel: Surgeon General says Florida is clear of coronavirus -- for now

Herald: Trial of alleged Mar-a-Lago intruder offers latest peek into security protocols

Sun-Sentinel: Mar-a-Lago guard warned Chinese trespasser she faced 'a world of trouble'

Post($): Chinese national’s trespass at Mar-a-Lago ‘an honest mistake,’ lawyer says

FlaPol: Former Florida GOP executive director George Riley to lead clean energy effort

Politico: Florida man who struck Republican voter tent partly motivated by Trump opposition

Herald: Homeowners blast legislation that would end local regulation of vacation rentals

News4Jax: Controversial vacation rental proposal on the move

AP: Farmers worry Florida bill will worsen labor scarcity woes

Democrat: Iguana go now: Florida lawmakers may ban sale, ownership of green iguanas, tegu lizards

Post($): Could iguanas be banned in Florida? A bill is moving swiftly in Tallahassee

FlaPol: Lottery warning bill advances in the House

Sun: River backers say bill threatens legal-protection bid

FlaPol: Facing bribery scandal, Airbus challenges Navy purchase, threatening Florida jobs

Democrat: Governor dealt setback by fellow Republicans on E-Verify

FlaPol: E-verify requirement, with carve-out for agriculture community, moves ahead in Senate

Sentinel: After GOP prodding, Florida Senate moves on E-Verify bill

News4Jax: State asks court to continue blocking felons from voting

FlaPol: Appeals court wades into ballot order fight

Sun-Sentinel: Who's first on Florida ballots? Appeals court will weigh in on fight over who gets top billing

FlaPol: Democrats look to derail House bill weakening Ag. Commissioner’s office

FlaPol: Ballot initiative reform bill ready for final Senate panel

Sentinel: Florida lawmakers unveil package of tax breaks worth $150 million

Sentinel: Democrats try again to ban discrimination in private schools that take Florida vouchers

FlaPol: Stakeholders voice opposition to university merger plan and EASE scholarships change

FlaPol: Alimony reform bill heads to final House committee

News4Jax: No-fault auto insurance repeal stalls over 'bad faith'

Sentinel: No-fault auto insurance might survive in Florida after Senate, House spar over bills

Sentinel: Rebecca Fierle released from jail as documents detail abuse, neglect allegations against disgraced guardian

Today: Florida senators cautiously move forward with athlete pay; Mayfield's bill supported

FlaPol: Genetic information ban ready for Senate floor

News4Jax: Rep. Kimberly Daniels draws primary challenger

DBNJ: Florida voting: Officials register inmates at jail

Ledger: Florida Poly leaders oppose merger with University of Florida

FlaPol: Legislation would strengthen criminal penalties against those who attack bus drivers

WLRN: Up To 70,000 Broward Homeowners May Be Forced To Buy Flood Insurance. Are You One?

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