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Friday - Feb. 7, 2020
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SayfieReview: Rep. Jones: Children would 'fall through the gaps' if donations to scholarship fund stopped

Herald: Miami mayor's aide in custody and being questioned about explicit photo sent to teen

TB Times: Florida lawmakers try again to make university president searches secret

Herald: A bill keeping searches for college presidents secretive could affect Miami Dade College

Sentinel: Window manufacturer PGT Innovations lobbying Florida lawmakers for tax break

Herald: Bill would repeal law requiring governments to post legal notices in newspapers

Sentinel: Student athletes promoting strip clubs, casinos, beer and cigs? Not if the Florida House has anything to say about it

Sentinel: Medical marijuana law in flux as Florida asks high court to limit number of companies getting licenses

Sentinel: Bernie Sanders campaign names Brevard Democrat as Florida field director

Herald: This legislator is gay, black and trying to quell the anti-LGBTQ school voucher fight

Sentinel: Why won't Florida ban LGBTQ workplace discrimination? House Speaker José Oliva says it isn't a major problem.

TB Times: Rick Scott pitches constitutional amendment to make impeachment even harder

Sentinel: Belvin Perry, former chief judge, enters race to replace Aramis Ayala as Orange-Osceola state attorney

SayfieReview: NSF: State fires latest salvo in major pot case

Sentinel: Florida Senate votes to require parental consent for abortion, virtually guaranteeing final passage

Sentinel: Joe Biden endorsed by five African American lawmakers in Florida

TB Times: Can this lawmaker broker the peace in Florida's anti-LGBTQ school voucher fight?

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