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Herald: Ban on assault weapons amendment misses deadline for Florida's 2020 ballot

TB Times: Assault weapons ban misses deadline for Florida's 2020 ballot

TB Times: In Clearwater, a new campaign pitch: City Council needs diversity

Herald: Gov. DeSantis, Clarence Thomas share Federalist Society judicial doctrine

TB Times: Clarence Thomas sounds off in Orlando about new documentary

Sentinel: Howey mayor, council member ask DeSantis to remove each other from office

Sentinel: Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Trump can't be considered acquitted if Senate doesn't call witnesses in impeachment trial

Sentinel: 2020 Florida Democratic presidential primary kicks into gear in Orlando

TB Times: Marco Rubio on impeachment: 'Doing so would inflict extraordinary... irreparable damage'

TB Times: Aramis Ayala yanked from case by second GOP governor, this time DeSantis

Sentinel: Florida state Rep. Scott Plakon cleared in ethics complaint over financial disclosures

Sentinel: Campaign 2020: Who are the Democrats running for president and where do they stand on the issues?

Herald: Rubio, silent during impeachment trial, votes against witnesses, plans to acquit Trump

SayfieReview: NSF: Ballot initiatives: alive, dead and in between

Herald: Iowa is first on the calendar, but Florida is already voting for president

Sentinel: Val Demings is bringing new Orlando commissioner Bakari Burns to Donald Trump's State of the Union

Sentinel: Evictions would be easier under proposed changes to Florida's mobile-home laws, advocates warn

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