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Sentinel: Lake's state representatives either extremists or useless | Commentary

TB Times: PolitiFact Florida: Yes, Florida ranks at bottom of states on school funding

Herald: Michael Bloomberg supports Puerto Rico statehood, breaking with many 2020 Democrats

Sentinel: Bloomberg: A new future for Puerto Rico includes making it our 51st state | Commentary

TB Times: Michael Bloomberg tells Tampa crowd: 'I'm the un-Trump'

TB Times: At state Capitol, Roe v. Wade anniversary marked by cheers and despair

Herald: At state Capitol, the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade is marked by cheers and despair

Herald: Bills would switch enforcement of Airbnb restrictions from Miami Beach to Tallahassee

Sentinel: Another oil project is planned in the Everglades. Gov. DeSantis called on to block it

Sentinel: Florida proposes Common Core replacements, fewer state tests

Herald: FDLE hands off investigation into Patronis' handling of sexual harassment complaint

TB Times: Michael Bloomberg is coming to Tampa for his first Florida presidential campaign event

Herald: The lone black nominee for Florida's Supreme Court isn't eligible to serve yet

TB Times: Criminal investigation of Florida CFO given to state attorney

Herald: Florida gives Common Core a failing grade, announces new state school standards

Sentinel: How Florida's GOP Senate president angered Trump Jr., the NRA and incurred the wrath of the right

Herald: Why a Parkland parent is cutting ads for Joe Biden but not endorsing him

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