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Friday - Jan. 24, 2020
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Sentinel: Robert Hyde, impeachment probe figure who texted of tailing Ukraine ambassador, is a DeSantis donor

Sentinel: Florida weighs pet store rules that could toss out local 'puppy mill' bans

Herald: Florida Republicans talk about gun control, but they're not all on the same page

Herald: State Supreme Court reverses itself, says unanimous jury not required for death penalty

Sentinel: Florida court reverses itself, rules death sentences don't have to be unanimous

Sentinel: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo targets Venezuelan, Cuban regimes amid Florida visit

Herald: Hours after launching run for Congress, Miami-Dade mayor wins Trump's endorsement

Sentinel: 'Bill of rights' for student athletes included in Florida House plan

Sentinel: Two Orange County judges among 9 Florida Supreme Court nominees

Sentinel: Florida AG Ashley Moody adds her name to letter urging Senate to reject Trump's impeachment

Sentinel: Anti-LGBT Florida schools getting school vouchers

Sentinel: Disgraced guardian Rebecca Fierle's Orlando office, where cops found cremated remains of 10 people, is for sale

Sentinel: National Democratic Party boosting staff in Florida and five other battleground states

Sentinel: Gov. DeSantis called on to block another Everglades oil drilling plan

TB Times: Florida lawmakers consider rules on naming college arenas

TB Times: Florida House supports asking voters to repeal state's Constitution Revision Commission

TB Times: PolitiFact: Meet President Trump's TV-ready impeachment defense team

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