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Thursday - Jan. 23, 2020

Politico: DeSantis defends Galvano as Gaetz and Trump Jr. take aim

FlaPol: Ashley Moody asks federal court to dismiss NRA suit over gun purchase age increase

Sun-Sentinel: Broward County's Perry Thurston to lead Florida Senate Democrats

AP: Florida House moves to repeal constitution revision panel

Politico: Florida Republicans fast-track abortion restrictions

WLRN: Bill Requiring Parental Consent For Teen Abortions May Now Go To Florida Senate Floor Vote

Democrat: Parental consent for abortion bill ready for Florida Senate on Roe v. Wade anniversary

WLRN: Florida College Scholarship Proposal Gets House Backing

FlaPol: Lawmakers could cut funding for private school grants

Sentinel: Bill shielding Florida lawmakers' addresses and personal information from public view moves forward

AP: Florida lawmakers advance fight against blue-green algae

Herald Tribune: Water pollution rules aimed at curbing algae blooms advance in Florida Senate

Democrat: What's a 'lobbyist'? Tallahassee ethics board may recommend broader definition

WLRN: Florida Senate Poised To Stop Municipalities From Regulating Sunscreen Ingredients

FlaPol: Randall Hunt resigns as Florida Lottery Secretary

Sentinel: Florida Lottery secretary Randall Hunt resigns 2 months into job

FlaPol: Nurses finally get legislative support for independence

FlaPol: Jamie Grant-backed ‘union busting’ bill clears first committee

News-Herald: Florida House committee approves $2.15 million for man exonerated after 43 years in prison

Herald: Bill targeting domestic violence nonprofits special status clears first hearing

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TB Times: Legislators dilute proposal to inspect Florida's farms, septic tanks

Sentinel: 'I am a solid no.' Florida GOP chairman shuns bill to expand gun background checks amid conservative backlash

Herald: Forecaster warns of future water shortage as plan to monitor polluters gets weaker

TB Times: Florida cities sued opioid makers. Now lawmakers might go after the cities.

TB Times: Of course Mike Pompeo is in Bushnell, Florida today because why wouldn't he be?

Herald: Former attorney general says cities, counties shouldn't sue businesses like Big Pharma

Sentinel: Florida Lottery secretary Randall Hunt resigns 2 months into job

Sentinel: Florida AG Ashley Moody asks judge to reject NRA lawsuit against post-Parkland gun law

Sentinel: Florida House votes to eliminate state constitution revision panel

TB Times: Bill Barr appoints Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri to Trump policing commission

SayfieReview: NSF: Money sought for ex-inmate who 'trusted God' for 43 years

Sentinel: To get free tuition, graduates would agree to work in Florida under new bill

Sentinel: Parental consent abortion bill heads to Florida Senate floor

Sentinel: National Democratic Party boosting staff in Florida and five other battleground states

Sentinel: Trump impeachment lawyer Jay Sekulow's first brush with fame: attacking Orlando's Pride Month rainbow flags

TB Times: Bill aimed at Florida domestic violence nonprofit gains steam

Herald: Bill targeting domestic violence nonprofit's special status clears first hearing

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