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Monday - Jan. 13, 2020
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Sentinel: Local Florida GOP officials slam state chair Joe Gruters and Republican leadership

Sentinel: Corporate tax loopholes: A symptom of Florida's rigged economy | Editorial

Sentinel: Florida stands to lose millions for under-counting children in census

TB Times: Bills propose sweeping changes to use of Baker Act in Florida schools

TB Times: Could Florida teachers rallying at the Capitol be punished for a strike?

Herald: Florida teachers are rallying at the Capitol. Is it a strike?

TB Times: Who are the Florida prison inmates serving outdated drug sentences?

Herald: Why are so many women and Hispanics serving outdated drug sentences in Florida prisons?

TB Times: This is what the Democratic presidential primary looks like in Florida right now

Sentinel: Seminole commissioners applied pressure to reject controversial River Cross development, according to testimony

TB Times: FAFSA bill among flurry of last minute education legislation in Florida

Sentinel: Haitians in Central Florida left with painful memories 10 years after devastating earthquake

TB Times: Why Trump's Iran moves matter for Florida's Jewish voters

TB Times: Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and ...? Bill calls for 3rd Florida senator.

Sentinel: Former Democratic U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown's conviction upheld, 'Holy Spirit' defense dismissed

Herald: 'They could be influenced.' Why Trump's Iran moves matter for Florida's Jewish voters

Sentinel: Orlando may lift restrictions, allowing more medical marijuana dispensaries

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