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Saturday - Jan. 11, 2020
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Sentinel: Seminole commissioners applied pressure to reject controversial River Cross development, according to testimony

TB Times: FAFSA bill among flurry of last minute education legislation in Florida

Sentinel: Haitians in Central Florida left with painful memories 10 years after devastating earthquake

TB Times: Why Trump's Iran moves matter for Florida's Jewish voters

TB Times: Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and ...? Bill calls for 3rd Florida senator.

Sentinel: Former Democratic U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown's conviction upheld, 'Holy Spirit' defense dismissed

Herald: 'They could be influenced.' Why Trump's Iran moves matter for Florida's Jewish voters

Sentinel: Orlando may lift restrictions, allowing more medical marijuana dispensaries

TB Times: Petition gatherers hurt in Florida GOP crackdown on constitutional amendments

Herald: Paid petition firm boasts $15 hourly pay. Some workers say the gig isn't what it seems.

Sentinel: Florida authorities tout tire-dump arrest as crackdown on environmental crimes

Sentinel: Outrage over South Florida juror who was jailed for oversleeping sparks legislation

Sentinel: U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy votes against War Powers Resolution limiting Trump's actions against Iran

Herald: State Supreme Court rejects energy choice ballot language. It won't get voted on in 2020.

TB Times: Florida Chamber Foundation economist sees strong 2020 ahead

Sentinel: Rep. Plakon pushes bill to renew Seminole Tribe gambling compact to the tune of $750M a year

TB Times: 'Time for real action' on climate change: Florida students sue DeSantis, et al

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