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Thursday - Jan. 9, 2020
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Herald: Accused of abuse of power, city manager will address allegations for the first time

TB Times: Florida lawmakers convene in Tallahassee next week. Here are the issues to watch.

Herald: Florida Legislature has hot issues to consider this year. Here are five to watch

Sentinel: Family fights to reunite with ashes of loved one found at Orlando office of disgraced guardian Rebecca Fierle

Sentinel: Florida toll road fight is just beginning in Tallahassee

Sentinel: Lawmakers creating an all-powerful nanny state at the expense of locally elected government | Editorial

TB Times: Group urges Florida to prosecute schools over books with sex, LGBTQ references

Sentinel: Investment company writes Florida incentive laws, then profits from them

Sentinel: Anna Eskamani: Remembering family in Iran, and hoping to avoid war | Commentary

TB Times: Mike Pence visits Florida next week, posing test for Latinos for Trump

Sentinel: Florida senator files bill to make day after Halloween a school holiday: report

TB Times: State Rep. Wengay Newton to run for Pinellas commission seat

Sentinel: DeSantis drives agenda as lawmakers take on teacher pay, abortion, school safety and more in 2020 session

TB Times: Marco Rubio emerges as Donald Trump's top defender on Iran

Sentinel: After Boca woman's murder, proposed law aims to make sure your deliveryman isn't a criminal

TB Times: 'Make or break moment.' Tampa Bay leaders hold climate change summit.

Sentinel: Prosecutors to review 'official misconduct' probe of Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh, emails show

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