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Saturday - Jan. 4, 2020
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Sentinel: Trump tells cheering evangelicals in South Florida that Iranian general's 'bloody rampage' is over

TB Times: Christians cheer Trump in Miami as he says Soleimani's 'bloody rampage' is over

Sentinel: Florida GOP senators praise Trump for ordering Iranian general's killing. And all officials, Republican or Democrat, warn of retaliation.

Herald: Florida Republicans offer full-throated support for Trump's strike on Soleimani

TB Times: Florida Republicans and Democrats react to targeted killing of top Iranian general

Sentinel: As 2020 dawns, Trump looks to boost evangelical support

Sentinel: Florida moves closer to picking up a third new seat in Congress, analysis finds

TB Times: Donald Trump is campaigning at a Florida church today. Is that allowed?

Sentinel: Has Drudge Report lost its clout in the Trump camp?

TB Times: Women, and black women, make history in St. Petersburg

Sentinel: Orange County incumbents face reelection challenges in 2020

SayfieReview: NSF: Court clears way for felony charges in fraternity death

TB Times: Is 2020 the year Florida okays testing in Spanish?

TB Times: In final push, petitions to legalize marijuana and ban assault weapons hit mailboxes

Sentinel: Campaign 2020: Who are the Democrats running for president and where do they stand on the issues?

Sentinel: Florida Supreme Court openings draw 32 applicants. Interviews will be in Orlando Jan. 11 and 12.

TB Times: PolitiFact: Do gun background checks work? What the research shows

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