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Tuesday - Dec. 31, 2019
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Herald: As lawmakers renew push for Puerto Rico statehood, one Florida lawmaker wants to know how voters feel

TB Times: Will Space Force land in Florida?

Sentinel: Orange comptroller audit finds improper spending by Eatonville community redevelopment agency

Sentinel: Florida Democrats push back against socialism label as they court Hispanics for 2020

Herald: Florida House committee to investigate medical and university research linked to China

Sentinel: Florida ag commissioner Nikki Fried, NRA lobbyist tangle over gun restriction case

Sentinel: Democrats wooing Latino voters in Florida are fighting back against GOP accusations of socialism

Sentinel: Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith says he was told to stop holding hands with his husband at the Vatican

TB Times: Florida pastor tells parishioners Trump's visit is nothing to fear

Sentinel: A century of how the Orlando Sentinel welcomed new decades and tried to predict the future

TB Times: Florida school prayer gets new champion: Rick Scott's former general counsel

TB Times: PolitiFact: Warren's argument that millions can't afford their Rx drugs holds up

TB Times: Cars and trucks were panthers' worst enemies in 2019

Herald: 2019 was a big year for cannabis in Florida. Here's what happened and what lies ahead.

Sentinel: Check out this session's crop of bad Florida bills | Editorial

TB Times: Florida agriculture commissioner and NRA lobbyist spar over gun case

TB Times: St. Petersburg City Council to lose 'some big lions' when Gerdes and Kornell step down

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