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Saturday - Nov. 9, 2019
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Sentinel: Vietnam veterans and Stephanie Murphy remind us of America's grace | Commentary

TB Times: Marco Rubio leads Senate effort to compensate college athletes

Sentinel: Recount confirms 5-vote victory for Tavares Mayor Troy Singer

TB Times: PolitiFact Florida: Fact-checking Joe Gruters on health care for undocumented immigrants

Sentinel: Lake County declares itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary. A gun-prevention group says it has 'no teeth.'

Sentinel: Florida news quiz: Politics, strange surgery, strange business and more | Commentary

Herald: As singer John Legend watched, felons who served their time get their right to vote restored

Herald: As singer John Legend watched, ex-felons in Miami get their rights to vote restored

Sentinel: Rubio's permanent Daylight Saving Time bill gets more backing in Senate

Sentinel: Congratulations on your big win, Mayor Dyer. Now there's work to do | Editorial

Sentinel: For Central Florida DACA recipients, Supreme Court review evokes a familiar sense of limbo

Herald: Powerful senator wants to hold Miami Dade College president search in the dark | Opinion

TB Times: Dissing access to the 'New York Times,' Citrus County commissioners embarrass Florida

Sentinel: Sunscreen debate exposes the Legislature's attempt to grab power from local governments | Editorial

Herald: In three Miami-Dade cities, the election isn't over. Here's how to vote in the runoff.

TB Times: Amid Trump-NYT controversy, everyone has a thought for Citrus County

Herald: Senate Democrats say 2020 election timing drove White House decision to end Haiti TPS

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