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Wednesday - Oct. 30, 2019
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Herald: As dark money swirls, Miami Beach candidates focus on rising seas and transportation

Sentinel: President Trump to headline rescheduled Florida Republican fundraiser on Dec. 7

SayfieReview: NSF: Athlete pay remains issue after NCAA takes action

Sentinel: NCAA board votes to let athletes cash in on their images

Sentinel: In Central Florida, successful opioid treatment harder to get than illicit drugs, speakers say

Sentinel: Orlando lawmaker's proposal would hold private schools to same requirements as public campuses

TB Times: Florida's election system is under 'daily' attack, top official concedes

Sentinel: Why not spend tourist tax money on Universal road project? | Editorial

Herald: Inmate who shot film inside a Florida prison gets busted — again — with bootleg camera

TB Times: Florida CFO blames public adjusters, lawyers for Hurricane Michael insurance claim delays

Sentinel: DeSantis names teacher pay boost, E-Verify among his top 2020 priorities

Herald: Senate president says Florida's usual planning process 'not realistic' for toll roads 

SSN: Everglades Activists Plan Walk Around Loop Road Dec. 7

TB Times: As lawmakers weigh disability program redesign, DeSantis and Galvano provide few specifics

Herald: DeSantis, Galvano undecided on impending changes to disability program

TB Times: Florida Senate president calls transportation's five-year planning 'not realistic' for toll roads projects

Herald: DeSantis proclaims 'year of the teacher' in pushing for higher wages

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