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Herald: With experience and baggage, Alex Diaz la Portilla runs for Miami's District 1 seat

Herald: This Miami commissioner gave a candidate in another district a six-figure check

Sentinel: Photos show indicted Giuliani associates in VIP area at DeSantis inauguration, report says

TB Times: Arrested Giuliani associates were VIPs at Ron DeSantis' inauguration

Sentinel: E-Verify system proposed in Florida by powerful senators

Herald: Florida plans 300 miles of new toll roads. Groups vetting the project ask: 'Why?'

Sentinel: I-4 Ultimate: Delays, overruns and deaths plague project

Sentinel: Nikki Fried, Florida's lone statewide elected Democrat, takes on Trump

Sentinel: Amendment 4 confusion remains as leader of campaign plans to cast his first vote in Orlando

TB Times: Marco Rubio, Rick Scott criticize both sides in House impeachment

Sentinel: 'No real help' available for thousands struggling in Central Florida's opioid crisis, research finds

Sentinel: Tavares voters to decide on $27M performing arts center, council seats

TB Times: DeSantis approved these toll roads. So where's the reason to build them?

TB Times: New Florida Wildlife Corridor expedition aims to show what new toll roads would destroy

Sentinel: Was Broward senator asleep in his chair during Florida Senate debate on ex-sheriff Scott Israel?

TB Times: Former Tampa state lawmaker disciplined by Florida Supreme Court

TB Times: Bob Gualtieri, Parkland commission head, questions process in sheriff's removal

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