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Monday - Oct. 14, 2019
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Herald: Video meme of president gunning down foes shown at Trump National Doral, NYT reports

Sentinel: Fake Trump shoots, stabs news media, political foes on meme video shown at his Florida resort: report

TB Times: Wilton Simpson, the 'Donald Trump of egg farmers', set to take control of Florida Senate

Herald: Wilton Simpson, a Republican egg farmer, is set to take control of the Florida Senate

Herald: Miami businessman's push to change Florida elections a 'gimmick,' Democratic Party says

TB Times: Firefighter who fought Tampa on discrimination runs for Safety Harbor mayor

Sentinel: Florida Democrats meet in Orlando: 'Whether it's Biden or Mickey Mouse, we have to vote Democratic'

TB Times: Fifth time in 24 years. Why Florida is changing school standards, again

TB Times: Florida's assisted living facilities write rules on reporting deaths, injuries

TB Times: Amid outrage and fanfare, UF hosts Donald Trump Jr.

TB Times: Ukrainian influence in Florida? Republicans shrug while Democrats cry foul

TB Times: Port Richey lives on: Legislators retreat from bid to dissolve the city

Herald: An inmate beaten by Florida guards may be released from prison. Her lawyers aren't happy.

Herald: ALF industry pushes bill to lower reporting requirements for deaths, serious injuries

Sentinel: Suspended license? Drivers can save on fees to restore licenses through Operation Green Light

TB Times: Thousands of Pinellas drivers have suspended licenses. This program is trying to help.

TB Times: PolitiFact: 9 questions about impeachment

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