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Tuesday - Oct. 8, 2019
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Sentinel: Greyhound racing supporters sue to overturn Amendment 13

Sentinel: Florida Democrats won't see any presidential candidates in Orlando this weekend

Herald: Florida's Amendment 4 legislation is a mess, felons and county officials testify

TB Times: Ron DeSantis unveils plan to raise starting pay for Florida teachers

TB Times: Watch dueling protests over impeachment outside Charlie Crist's office

Sentinel: Who are the three South Florida businessmen tangled in Trump impeachment inquiry?

Herald: Attorney says 'Harry Sargeant has nothing to do with Ukrainian businesses'

TB Times: Port Richey dissolution is power grab by Rep. Amber Mariano's father, city alleges

Sentinel: Amendment 4: Professor testifies law prevents 80% of ex-felons from registering to vote

TB Times: Florida businessmen with Giuliani ties won't comply with impeachment inquiry

Sentinel: Background checks to buy bullets? South Florida lawmakers say 'Jaime's Law' would close ammo loophole.

TB Times: Rays playoff baseball can't stop GOP protests over impeachment inquiry

TB Times: South Florida oil magnate tangled in Trump impeachment inquiry

TB Times: Florida schools learn how much A-Plus money they'll get

Sentinel: Bryan Nelson's big fat raise in Apopka makes his campaign promise a big fat lie | Editorial

TB Times: Revoking petition signatures is impossible. But this group wants Florida voters to try.

Herald: Florida businessmen with Giuliani, Ukraine ties won't comply with impeachment inquiry

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