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Wednesday - Sep. 25, 2019
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TB Times: Florida lawmaker seeks to spend 80 percent of education funds in the classroom

Herald: Want to make a difference in November? Go vote — but you have to register soon

TB Times: Tampa's ban on 'conversion therapy' has its day in court

Herald: DeSantis doesn't like Best and Brightest teacher bonuses, says he wants his own plan

TB Times: Impeachment reaction: What Florida members of Congress said about Pelosi's announcement

Sentinel: Two Florida Republicans seek expansion of stolen valor law to include political and professional gain

TB Times: Pelosi announces official impeachment inquiry

TB Times: PolitiFact: How would an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump work?

TB Times: $25,000 for golf with lobbyists? Ron DeSantis says he didn't get the memo

TB Times: Florida's Best and Brightest teacher bonus too confusing to survive, Gov. DeSantis says

Sentinel: U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy calls for 'Watergate'-style hearings into Trump-Ukrainian affair

Sentinel: Will Florida be prepared for secure elections in 2020? Congressional delegation wants answers

TB Times: Florida Reps. Charlie Crist and Kathy Castor now want Trump impeachment inquiry

Sentinel: Buddy Dyer campaign says it will limit personal information on mailers after privacy complaints

Herald: South Florida Democrats back Trump impeachment inquiry

Herald: DeSantis says he never saw memo that said he'd play golf for $25,000 contribution

Sentinel: Petition to legalize marijuana in Florida could be coming to your mailbox

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