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Monday - Sep. 23, 2019
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TB Times: East Tampa cultural center gets $500,000 in county funds

TB Times: Far from Florida, the Democratic presidential race is taking shape in Iowa. Here's what it's like.

Herald: Should Florida limit coastal development, toughen building codes? Influencers say yes.

TB Times: PolitiFact Florida: Sen. Rick Scott misleads about 'record funding' for HIV prevention

Herald: DeSantis showed skillful leadership during Hurricane Dorian, Influencers say

Sentinel: Online voter registration system restored after Florida Democrats complain

TB Times: Florida's online voter registration site went down. Kind of. Andrew Gillum isn't happy.

TB Times: Ron DeSantis is slow on filling Florida's water boards. That's a problem.

TB Times: On Mike Pence's new press secretary and her bizarre Florida connection

Sentinel: Medicare for all isn't worth the risks to America's health-care system | Commentary

TB Times: Florida's big idea to stop mass shootings ignores guns

Herald: Florida's top cops offer their big idea to stop mass shootings. It's not about guns.

TB Times: Marines plan anniversary gala at Mar-a-Lago

Sentinel: Florida authorities clear backlog of 8,000 untested rape kits

Sentinel: College athletes could earn money through endorsement deals under bill introduced by top Florida Democrat

Sentinel: Seminole Tax Collector Joel Greenberg creates company to transition office to blockchain and virtual IDs

TB Times: Teaching African-American and Holocaust history? Prove it, Florida Board of Education says

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