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Thursday - Sep. 19, 2019
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Sentinel: 'We're not stopping': Orlando group raises money to keep flying aid to Dorian-devastated Bahamas

TB Times: In Democratic presidential race, Florida's big money up for grabs

TB Times: Florida's SunPass debacle could cost more than $50 million

Herald: Florida motorists receive warnings, tickets for texting while driving. But not many.

Sentinel: Orlando airport board, facing criticism, reverses course on no-bid lawyer contracts

Herald: Florida prisons chief asks lawmakers for funding help to curb violence

Herald: New FL hemp trade group named its first president. He might sound familiar.

Herald: Miami-Dade has $2 million to fight potential state takeover of MIA and PortMiami

TB Times: Florida Corrections secretary seeks help from lawmakers to curb prison violence

TB Times: After new law, Florida police issue few tickets for texting while driving

Herald: Elizabeth Warren taps Planned Parenthood policy director to lead Florida campaign

TB Times: Joe Biden still leads Florida, but Elizabeth Warren gaining fast, FAU poll finds

TB Times: PolitiFact: No, the New York Times has not admitted to peddling 'fake news'

Sentinel: Higher salaries for Florida legislators? A wildly unpopular idea ... that may still have merit | Commentary

Herald: 'They're not listening to us.' FL families hurt by opioids oppose Purdue settlement.

TB Times: William March: Weekend fundraiser shows transformation of Hillsborough Democrats

Sentinel: After Rebecca Fierle scandal, Central Florida judge requires hearing before guardians file 'do not resuscitate' orders

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