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Monday - Sep. 9, 2019
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TB Times: Florida Attorney General to join probe into Google, other tech companies

TB Times: PolitiFact: How Florida's red flag gun law works

SSN: Rubio Urges Deployment of the U.S. Naval Ship Comfort to the Bahamas

TB Times: A Florida Congresswoman is wondering why she can't talk openly about Russian election hacking

TB Times: Rick Scott's Navy cap hangs around on this week's Winner/Loser in Florida politics

TB Times: Update: NRA affiliate's low-interest loans to Marion Hammer are drawing national attention

Herald: Gelber gets second term as Miami Beach mayor. Here's who's running for commission seats

TB Times: Betty Castor wanted Florida to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s. She's still fighting.

Sentinel: New guardian of Rebecca Fierle ward who died flags missing funds, accounting issues

TB Times: Trump's Doral golf resort as host for G-7 summit could violate Constitution, Democrats say

Herald: Florida Democrats avoid a primary clash in flippable Miami Senate race

TB Times: Florida, seven other states, investigating Facebook for possible antitrust violations

Herald: In Miami, city and county mayors fight over Bahamas relief 'photo ops'

TB Times: What about Florida issues? We asked Democratic candidates your questions. Now see their answers.

Herald: Democrats say a G-7 summit at Trump's Doral golf resort could violate the Constitution

Sentinel: Assault weapons ban could cost Florida millions in taxes

Herald: Is Facebook too big for everyone's good? Florida joins antitrust investigation.

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