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Thursday - Sep. 5, 2019
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TB Times: Back to the polls: Port Richey residents to vote again on city council members

Sentinel: Stephanie Murphy: Let Florida voters know which election systems were hacked by Russians

TB Times: Hillsborough's transportation tax has a new opponent: the Florida House

TB Times: PolitiFact: Fact-checking President Trump's falsehoods about Hurricane Dorian

Herald: Trump cuts $17 million project at Florida Air Force base to pay for border wall

Sentinel: Hurricane Dorian missed Florida's coast but targeted its tourism industry and other businesses, too

TB Times: Cultural center is Orlando Gudes' latest council win for East Tampa

TB Times: Estimated cost of Florida assault weapons registry: $4 million

TB Times: A small number of Florida doctors are approving thousands of medical marijuana patients

TB Times: The Dorian test: DeSantis impresses local officials with his preparation

SayfieReview: Lobbyist File- Doing Business on the Fourth Floor, September 4, 2019

TB Times: Utility charges for Tampa residents could nearly double by 2026.

Herald: Local emergency managers praise DeSantis' leadership in his first hurricane test

TB Times: Dorian forces more than 100 Florida healthcare facilities to evacuate

Sentinel: Medical marijuana: Just 89 doctors certify 94,850 Florida patients, report finds

Sentinel: Hurricane Dorian: Still dangerous but Florida spared worst, DeSantis says

Herald: More than 100 Florida healthcare facilities evacuated ahead of Hurricane Dorian

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