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Sunday - Sep. 1, 2019
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Sentinel: $15 minimum wage, utility deregulation move close to making ballot, but opposition looms

Herald: DeSantis warns Floridians to 'be vigilant' as track of storm shifts east

Sentinel: Hurricane Dorian still dangerous despite new track, DeSantis says

Herald: Expect some Hurricane Dorian evacuation announcements Saturday, DeSantis says

Herald: Florida Puerto Ricans say Trump response to Hurricane Dorian won't ease Maria memories

Sentinel: Hurricane Dorian: Gov. Ron DeSantis says brace for outages as Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings vows, 'We're ready'

TB Times: Florida House cuts one education committee, and one vocal Democrat from the fray

Politico: Patronis attended NYC fundraiser as Florida prepped for Dorian

TB Times: Dorian expected to knock out power for 7.5 million in Florida

TB Times: Florida has enough gas for Dorian, but patience is required

NSF: Georgia cashing in on Hurricane Dorian stourmism

TB Times: 'The damage is done': Florida officials vow to fix problems with crackdown on petition gatherers

Sentinel: President Donald Trump says Hurricane Dorian could be an 'absolute monster' bigger than Andrew

TB Times: Ron DeSantis warns Florida that Dorian will be 'multi-day event'

Sentinel: Winter Park reinstates permits for removing trees outside new state exemption for those deemed 'dangerous'

Sentinel: Hurricane Dorian: 'Floridians need to be prepared,' DeSantis says

Herald: DeSantis warns Dorian could be 'multi-day' storm, warns Floridians to prepare

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