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Sunday - Aug. 25, 2019
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TB Times: 10 months after Hurricane Michael, Florida still doesn't know why so many insurance claims are open

Herald: Why are 20,000 Hurricane Michael insurance claims unpaid? State officials are asking.

Sentinel: Remember Mark Foley? Disgraced in sexting scandal, but now reinvented and honored by Republicans

Sentinel: Florida Senate closes investigation into NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer with no fines or sanctions

TB Times: Trump phones Tampa rally with Kellyanne Conway, Pam Bondi: 'If we will be a very very bad day for the country'

TB Times: Donald Trump's strategy for women: It's the economy. Is that enough?

TB Times: NRA's Marion Hammer cleared of wrongdoing by Florida Senate

Herald: State Senate resolves complaint against NRA's top lobbyist in Florida

TB Times: Florida Democrats' effort to hold special session on gun reform fizzles

TB Times: With federal approval looking more likely, Florida officials push ahead with Canadian drug importation

Herald: Florida officials say drug importation from Canada could save $150 million

Herald: FL Dems wanted a special session on gun reform. They don't have the votes.

TB Times: Florida Legislature special session on gun reform: Here's how your lawmakers are voting

Sentinel: Feds search for site to house 500 immigrant children in Central Florida

TB Times: Former hospital CEO Rick Scott's healthcare bills steer clear of hospitals

Sentinel: Florida executes serial killer Gary Ray Bowles

Sentinel: Campaign 2020: Who are the Democrats running for president and where do they stand on the issues?

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