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Tuesday - Aug. 20, 2019
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TB Times: St. Petersburg City Council 2019 primary election voter guide: All the candidates on the issues

TB Times: Mystery money boosts campaign to limit Florida ballot measures

Sentinel: Disney's Star Wars hosts future Senate leaders, Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried

TB Times: Remember that derelict boat off the Howard Frankland? Now it has anti-Trump graffiti.

Herald: Fire union chief's candidacy sets up Republican primary in Miami congressional district

TB Times: Is Tampa Bay about to enter Water War Two?

Sentinel: Florida could make fireworks legal for regular folks on July 4th, Memorial Day and New Year's Eve

Herald: This secretive group is trying to create barriers to amending Florida's Constitution

SayfieReview: NSF: Security Spending up for Governor, Dignitaries

TB Times: As Florida ponders legalized pot, it's unclear how it's worked in other states

TB Times: Memo reveals a House Republican strategy on shootings: downplay white nationalism, blame left

Herald: Taxing legal pot could be good for states, but study says there's little data to show it

TB Times: After mass shootings, Florida lawmakers disagree on condemning guns

TB Times: Casey DeSantis can't lose on this week's Winner/Loser of the week in Florida politics: Aug. 18 edition

Herald: When it comes to an assault weapons ban in Florida, let people vote, Influencers say

Herald: Are schools safe enough? No, but it's not related to new Florida laws, Influencers say

Sentinel: 2 Central Florida expressway board members may not be eligible to serve

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