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Thursday - Aug. 8, 2019
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Sentinel: Kruppenbacher, FLVS board member had outside connections, but was it a conflict?

TB Times: 'Red flag' laws all the rage after shootings. So what are they?

TB Times: A lifelong NRA member calls Ashley Moody's resistance to assault weapons ban 'nonsense'

Sentinel: Pete Buttigieg in Orlando: 'It would be nice if the U.S. had a president right now'

Sentinel: Move the Florida capital to Orlando area? One state senator is trying yet again

Sentinel: DeSantis points to 'recesses of internet' for mass killings and criticizes partisan bickering

Sentinel: Federal legislation filed to address guardianship issues as scandal embroils Florida's troubled program

SayfieReview: NSF: Florida continues cutting phone cords

TB Times: On gun violence, Ron DeSantis stresses mental health, internet

TB Times: Move Florida's capital? Lawmaker proposes alternative to Tallahassee

Sentinel: Cremated remains of 9 people found at Orlando office of disgraced former guardian Rebecca Fierle

TB Times: Among Trump's retiree supporters in The Villages, everyone is to blame — except Trump

TB Times: Scott Maddox, Florida's former Democratic chair, pleads guilty in probe

Sentinel: State to investigate Palm Beach County sheriff's handling of Jeffrey Epstein case

TB Times: Rick Kriseman and Stu Sternberg meet again on Tampa Bay Rays

TB Times: Ross Spano complains that climate deniers like him are unfairly labeled as 'idiots'

SayfieReview: NSF: DeSantis committee continues pulling in cash

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