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Monday - Aug. 5, 2019
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Sentinel: Drive to get assault weapons ban on Florida ballot raises big money from handful of wealthy donors

Sentinel: Children keep dying in hot cars as Florida legislators fail to act

Sentinel: Civil rights groups seek to bar controversial bill aimed at restricting ex-felon voting rights

Sentinel: DeSantis: It's the feds' job to decide where to house immigrant children stopped at border

Sentinel: Anti-gun violence activist Fred Guttenberg tears into President Trump: 'You must be removed'

Sentinel: After more deaths, Sen. Linda Stewart tries again for alarms on child-care vehicles

Sentinel: Trump to speak at private event in The Villages on Tuesday

Sentinel: Declawing cats would be largely outlawed under Florida bill

Sentinel: Anguish remains but Alejandra Juarez and family find hope a year after her deportation to Mexico

Sentinel: Florida's 24-hour abortion wait law sent back to circuit judge who tossed it

Sentinel: Florida court reverses decision on 24-hour abortion waiting period

Sentinel: DeSantis is getting a new state plane as watchdog worries about rerun of past abuse of old fleet

SayfieReview: NSF: FPL, AT&T battle over utility poles

SayfieReview: Lobbyist File- Doing Business on the Fourth Floor, August 1, 2019

Sentinel: Florida Elder Affairs chief details changes to troubled guardianship program, says he asked top official to resign

Sentinel: Rep. Stephanie Murphy tells town hall in Sanford she doesn't support impeaching Trump right now

Sentinel: Trump's plan could boost Florida efforts to import prescription drugs from Canada

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