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Friday - Jul. 26, 2019
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Sentinel: Orlando teen touts job-training program at White House event

Times: Florida Cabinet approves Tampa Electric partial plant conversion from coal to natural gas

Times: Florida's opioid crisis: billions of pills, millions in campaign cash

Sentinel: DeSantis, Florida Cabinet remove top finance regulator Ronald Rubin over sexual harassment claims

Times: Florida banking regulator fired over sexual harassment allegations

Times: Three officers fired from Florida prison after beating and leaked messages went viral

Sentinel: Florida wants new hearing in major medical marijuana licensing case

Times: Parents of slain Parkland students go to Congress hoping for consensus on school safety, gun reforms

Times: Jane Castor adds to her team. This time it's workforce development

Times: Ron DeSantis vows to investigate Florida's guardianship program

Sentinel: DeSantis launches probe of office overseeing guardians after death, resignation; advocates want action

Times: Mueller hearing: Watch the five most interesting questions from Florida's members of Congress

Sentinel: Florida getting $15.5 million plane for Gov. Ron DeSantis

Times: John Morgan says he has signatures for 2020 minimum wage measure

Sentinel: Rubin sex harassment case is just latest woe to hit Florida's financial regulation agency

Sentinel: Electric charging stations coming to all of Florida's Turnpike plazas

Times: Can Tampa Electric burn more natural gas? Ron DeSantis and Florida cabinet will decide.

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