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Wednesday - Jul. 24, 2019

FlaPol: Democrats decry Donald Trump’s ‘broken economic promises’ to Florida

FlaPol: Margaret Good raises $135,000 in first day of Congressional campaign

Herald Tribune($): Margaret Good raises $135,426 in 24 hours

Sun-Sentinel($): Wasserman Schultz wants authority to enter migrant centers without warning

Herald($): Democrats can't get into the Homestead detention center, so they introduced a bill

FlaPol: BDS blowup: Marco Rubio says ‘radical anti-Semitic minority’ calling shots in House

Sun-Sentinel($): Jeffrey Epstein's victims ask Florida court to allow new federal charges

Herald($): TPS for Venezuelans blocked by House Republicans

Herald($): That ICE deportation crackdown Trump threatened last week never happened. Here's why.

Politico: Parkland parents will press Congress to act on school shootings

FlaPol: Second quarter brings Ballard Partners $4.7M in federal lobbying pay

Herald($): ICE targeting employers who offer work to undocumented immigrants, agency says

News-Press($): Private insurances, Florida skimps on children's mental health

Herald($): Some districts not complying with post-Parkland school safety laws, grand jury says

Herald($): He's a Chinese billionaire and a member of Trump's Mar-a-Lago. Is he also a communist spy?

Herald($): Hepatitis A has exploded in Florida. Here's what you can do to protect yourself

Bradenton Herald($): Hepatitis A cases skyrocket in Florida. Here's how bad it is in Manatee County

Times-Union($): State grants helping Jacksonville protect military presence

Sun($): UF study: Genetic diversity boosts panther population

NSF: Senator seeks state probe in Epstein case

FlaPol: Lauren Book asks Ron DeSantis for investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s work release

Herald($): Lawmaker and sex abuse survivor requests investigation of Epstein work-release

Sun-Sentinel($): Sen. Lauren Book requests state police investigation into Jeffrey Epstein's work release

Sun-Sentinel($): Florida voting rights hearing: 'It always takes a fight just to vote in this state'

FlaPol: Attorney says emails to NRA lobbyist protected

Sun-Sentinel($): Letters to NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer over Parkland shooting are protected speech, attorney argues

FlaPol: Speculation continues over which Democrats will seek Margaret Good’s seat

NSF: State advances plan for Spanish-language ballots

NSF: State moves forward with $15.5 million plane deal

Democrat($): No additional human remains found at Dozier School in Marianna

SSN: 24 Small and Rural Florida Communities to Share $16.2 Million for Infrastructure

Sentinel($): Florida's top guardianship executive Carol Berkowitz resigns

Sun-Sentinel($): School board to investigate -- not dismiss -- principal who made Holocaust comments

AP: Airport contract extended with collapsed bridge builder

Sentinel($): UCF student leaders to trustees: Don't delay search for a new president

Herald($): In pitch for Miami Dade College president, Padron's VP flexes institutional know-how

FlaPol: Forbes’ most-valuable list not kind to Florida sports franchises

Times-Union($): JEA board approves exploring privatization

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