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Thursday - Jul. 18, 2019

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis committee hauls in $300K in first half of July

Politico: Inspector general hammers Rubin, has not yet released evidence

NSF: IG report, Patronis put more pressure on suspended financial regulator

Sentinel($): Ron Rubin, Florida finance chief, created 'intimidating, hostile workplace, probe finds

Herald($): Florida's bank regulator discussed sex, harassed women, investigation says

AP: Report alleges misconduct by Florida banking regulator

Politico: Political pressure, 'real lack of judgment' pervaded case with Patronis donor, former OFR lawyer says

FlaPol: Sex, ‘rednecks’ and bowties: Internal review prompts call for firing of OFR head

NSF: Education board signs off on mental health instruction for students

Sentinel($): Florida to require mental health classes in public schools starting in sixth grade

PNJ($): Florida public schools must now teach at least 5 hours of mental health classes

FlaPol: David Simmons wants Florida to offer work permits, driver’s licenses, to undocumented

FlaPol: Lauren Book, Ellyn Bogdanoff named to board of support organization for trafficking survivors

FlaPol: Richard Corcoran calls for removal of charter school head

Bradenton Herald($): Lincoln Memorial charter school leader must go, says Florida education commissioner

Post($): 'Florida Man' another reason to fund Visit Florida, lawmaker says

FlaPol: ‘I lied’: Elizabeth McCarthy, former candidate, admits lies about being doctor, treating Pulse victims

NWF Daily News($): Gov. Desantis reinstates Mary Beth Jackson, accepts her resignation

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