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Tuesday - Jul. 2, 2019

NSF: DeSantis moves quickly on ‘job growth’ money

Sentinel($): DeSantis is off and running with $40 million pot of money that Democrats call 'slush fund'

FlaPol: Ron DeSantis makes 66 appointments to Judicial Nominating Commissions

Sentinel($): Gov. Ron DeSantis kicked out 215 of Rick Scott's appointments, but 157 didn't go anywhere

NSF: DeSantis reports dip in net worth

FlaPol: No (budget) time like the present: House calls for 2020 funding requests

Herald Tribune($): After sanctuary ban, Joe Gruters planning more immigration legislation in 2020

FlaPol: Joe Gruters releases mini-doc pushing border control, announces listening tour

Sun-Sentinel($): Suspended Sheriff Scott Israel files paperwork to run for sheriff in 2020

Herald($): The sheriff who lost his job after Parkland is asking voters for a second chance.

FlaPol: Scott Israel files for 2020 reelection to Broward Sheriff’s post

AP: Sheriff removed after Parkland shooting running for old job

Post($): New law allows paramedics to carry guns at high-risk incidents

Times($): State lawmakers move to identify, preserve forgotten African-American burial sites

Times($): Can ‘rocket dockets’ restore voting rights? Hillsborough says yes. Pinellas says no.

Sentinel($): Former Miami-Dade educator tapped as new Florida Virtual School leader

Herald($): 'It's a healing process.' Couple plants front-yard veggies again after law changes.

Sentinel($): Hospitals, transplant programs could multiply in Central Florida with law change

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