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Wednesday - Jun. 26, 2019

AP: 2020 Democrats converge in Miami for 1st night of debates

SSN: Arriving Democratic Candidates Out to Woo Floridians Ahead of the Debates

Sentinel($): First Democratic presidential debate kicks off tonight in Miami

Post($): Miami Debates: Immigration double-edged issue as clarion call for Latino voters

Sun-Sentinel($): Hispanics in Florida divided on Trump; Vice President Mike Pence visits Miami to launch Latino coalition.

Ledger($): Warren in the spotlight as Democrats gather for 1st debate

Herald($): Warren announces plan to "step up our game on protecting our vote" in FIU speech

Herald($): South Florida teachers ask Beto O'Rourke about salaries, charter schools at town hall

Sun($): Will Florida matter in the 2020 presidential primary?

NSF: Democrats face climate, immigration issues in Florida

AP: Calls increase for Democrats to face climate change in Miami

FlaPol: Environmentalists say debate stage a good place for climate change message

Sun-Sentinel($): 'They don't belong here.' Democratic candidates use Homestead migrant shelter as backdrop to blast Trump immigration policies.

SSN: Buchanan Pushing Ted Cruz Bill to Use El Chapo's Billions to Build the Wall

Times($): Hurricane Michael destroyed their homes. Then the insurance heartache began.

FlaPol: No love for the Panhandle: Survey shows Floridians don’t want to help with Hurricane Michael recovery

Herald($): Jeffrey Epstein plea deal must stand, prosecutors tell sex abuse victims

Sentinel($): Central Florida immigration groups prepare as ICE deportation raids delayed

Herald($): They lived the good life in Miami -- while helping run a multinational corruption machine

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