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Thursday - Jun. 13, 2019
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Times: Eight months after Hurricane Michael, many fear a mental health crisis

Times: Andrew Gillum still biggest star for Florida Democrats

Sentinel: Why is President Trump's campaign coming to Orlando? It's key to winning Florida, experts say.

Sentinel: Gov. Ron DeSantis promises $500K for memorial site during visit to Pulse nightclub on third anniversary

Sentinel: President Trump tweets there are '74,000 requests' for Orlando kickoff rally tickets at Amway

Times: Gov. Ron DeSantis hints at more crack downs on constitutional amendments in Florida

Times: Three years after Pulse shooting, psychological wounds still raw. 'This isn't something that's going to heal itself'

Sentinel: Pulse anniversary: Gov. Ron DeSantis corrects proclamation that didn't mention LGBTQ community

Times: Ron DeSantis issues 'corrected' Pulse anniversary proclamation to mention LGBTQ community

Politico: 'Erased': DeSantis hit for omitting LGBTQ from Pulse proclamation

SayfieReview: NSF: DeSantis signs death warrant in Jacksonville Murder

Times: Gov. DeSantis expects to sign the state budget next week

Times: August execution set for Florida killer who targeted gay men

Sentinel: onePULSE Foundation -- which is raising money for memorial -- should be audited, Central Florida lawmakers say

Sentinel: Florida budget awaits Gov. Ron DeSantis vetoes, signature

SSN: DeSantis Appoints Darryl Taylor Superintendent of Calhoun County Schools

Sentinel: Cheaper prescription drugs from Canada could be heading Florida's way, but it's not a done deal

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