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Tuesday - Jun. 11, 2019
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Sentinel: Florida authorizes armed paramedics for hostage standoffs, mass shooting response

Sentinel: onePULSE Foundation -- which is raising money for memorial -- should be audited, Central Florida lawmakers say

Sentinel: Florida assault weapons ban amendment heads to Supreme Court for review — could be on 2020 ballot

Times: SunPass: Florida to resume paying company that botched toll system

Sentinel: Scott Israel's lawyers seek Scot Peterson files to help make case against suspension

Times: Inside the Democratic strategy to defeat Donald Trump in Florida

Sentinel: Broward doctor fined for giving woman surgical abortion rather than medication-induced procedure

Times: Mike Hill makes this week's Winner/Loser in Florida politics

Times: Up next for assault weapons ban proposal? Florida Supreme Court review

SayfieReview: Lobbyist File- Doing Business on the Fourth Floor, June 10, 2019

Sentinel: Sexual harassment allegations rock Tallahassee again after leaders fail to consider #metoo laws

Sentinel: Feds give $480M to Florida timber industry after Hurricane Michael

Times: Climate change debate? Democratic Party chair Tom Perez says it's 'not practical' when confronted by Florida activist

Times: Florida Democratic Party says it has a plan to beat Trump in 2020. Florida Democrats aren't so sure.

Sentinel: Warning to Florida Democrats: Presidential election recount is coming in 2020

Sentinel: 'Happy Memorial Day' and good riddance: Holiday greeting leads to resignation of another aide to Orange Commissioner Emily Bonilla

Times: Ron DeSantis signs crack down on constitutional amendments, solidifying Republican control in Florida

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