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Saturday - Jun. 8, 2019
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Sentinel: 'Happy Memorial Day' and good riddance: holiday greeting leads to resignation of another aide to Orange Commissioner Emily Bonilla

Sentinel: Gov. Ron DeSantis OKs restrictions on petition gathering, 37 other bills

SSN: DeSantis, U.S. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue Talk Timber Recovery During Friday Roundtable

Times: Ron DeSantis signs crack down on constitutional amendments, solidifying Republican control in Florida

Times: Old friends, and a grand jury inquiry, follow Andrew Gillum into private business

Times: Florida cities and counties can't restrict guns. This legal battle could change that.

Sentinel: FBI rebuffs congressman's request for details about 2016 Florida election hacking

Sentinel: President Trump's Orlando campaign stop will create traffic woes. Here are the roads to avoid June 18 — but there could be more

Sentinel: Andrew Gillum's $5,000 settlement accepted by state ethics panel

Times: Jane Castor welcomes old rival, Harry Cohen, to help guide transition with budget chief Sonya Little

Times: How much harder will it be to get citizen reforms on ballot? Ron DeSantis will decide soon.

Times: Janet Cruz urges governor to ask Mike Hill to resign

Times: St. Petersburg City Council supports universal health care

Sentinel: El Paso said it wasn't paid when President Trump visited. Orlando will get its money up front.

Sentinel: Florida TaxWatch calls for carving out $133 million in 'turkeys' from state's 2020 budget

Sentinel: Rep. Mike Hill regrets 'tone' of talk about killing gay people

Times: Ebone Cruz and Janelle McGregor bolster Mayor Jane Castor's neighborhood outreach efforts

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