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Thursday - May. 2, 2019

Herald: The White House wants to end TPS for Nicaraguans. Two Miami lawmakers want to keep it

Post($): Florida House passes election reform bill aimed at cleaning up problems from 2018 cycle

Herald: Florida Legislature on the verge of changing voting laws after 2018 recount drama

AP: Florida prepares to pass a massive criminal justice bill

NSF: Florida sanctuary cities bill could go 'up in flames' as session's end nears

AP: Florida House again sends Senate bill on sanctuary policy ban

Herald: House bounces harsher 'sanctuary cities' bill back to Senate as end of session looms

Democrat: Florida 'sanctuary cities bill' heads to Senate hours after protesters ejected from House

Post($): Protesters disrupt Florida House session over sanctuary cities bill

Herald: 'Everybody is under attack.' Protesters disrupt Legislature over civil justice.

Sentinel: Protesters disrupt House ahead of sanctuary cities debate as session extends to Saturday

Post($): Autonomous vehicles could soon drive on, empty, in Florida

Times: Duke Energy asks to use tax savings to cover Hurricane Michael, too

Sentinel: Duke Energy wants to use Trump tax savings to offset Hurricane Michael costs

Sun-Sentinel: Parkland victims' families tell judge they don't want money issues to delay justice

Herald: Grieving families fight public defenders' bid to drop Parkland shooter Cruz as client

Post($): Parkland massacre defendants attorneys to remain for now

Ledger: Protections extended for red drum, snook and spotted sea trout

AP: Florida man guilty of leaving threats for Bernie Sanders

TCPalm: Judge gives no indication when he'll rule in Robert Kraft video suppression case

TCPalm: Martin judge rules spa videos not admissible evidence in sex-for-pay cases

Sun-Sentinel: Judge orders billionaire Robert Kraft to show up for next prostitution case hearing

Post($): Robert Kraft ordered to appear in court for hearing on day-spa video release

AP: Lawmakers into overtime with Florida budget’s late arrival

Democrat: Florida House sends bill to arm teachers to governor's desk

Herald: Classroom teachers can have guns. Painful debate marks final passage by Florida House.

Ledger: Teachers added to armed guardian program under bill

Post($): Bill that will allow armed teachers heads to DeSantis

Sun-Sentinel: Florida lawmakers approve school-safety bill that allows teachers to be armed

Post($): Three big toll road projects get green light from Legislature

Sun-Sentinel: Florida lawmakers approve three toll highways for jobs growth

Herald: Whether they're needed or not, Legislature approves three big Florida road projects

Sun-Sentinel: Gov. Ron DeSantis loses attempt to expedite Florida Senate hearing on Scott Israel suspension

News-Press: Florida passes strict controls of plastic surgery centers

Post($): Florida passes cosmetic surgery regulation bill

Democrat: DeSantis signs bill to protect first responder animals: 'We stand behind our four-legged officers'

TCPalm: Task Force embarking on a journey to stop toxic algae

Politico: A GOP insider took aim at fix-and-flip lenders. A lawmaker quietly stepped up to help

Sun-Sentinel: Warning: You could get addicted to Florida's lottery. And lawmakers want that label on every ticket.

Sun: UF happy with state-budget share

Herald: It's a great day for kale and cauliflower! Legislature OKs veggies in the front yard.

Post($): Florida House passes ban on child-like sex dolls

Herald: Tallahassee may pass a law to kill Miami-Dade's MDX toll board. Will a judge save it?

Sun-Sentinel: Senator's objection kills bill that would stop Brenda Forman's office from overseeing Broward's finances

DBNJ: Halifax Health bill passes the Florida Senate

Sentinel: Enough fentanyl seized in Brevard investigation to kill the whole county, sheriff says

Ledger: Publix growth chugging along

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