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Friday - Jan. 4, 2019
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Times: Florida education commissioner gives his department an A for its legislative successes

Times: Florida officials wanted an elections cybersecurity team. Lawmakers said no.

Times: Florida Insider Poll: Abortion restrictions, school board term limits are coming in 2020

Sentinel: Florida set to execute Tampa serial killer Bobby Joe Long tonight

Times: Gradebook podcast: Teachers with guns - Why Bay County embraces Florida's school guardian program

Times: Florida pushes back in prison hepatitis legal battle

Times: DeSantis, Florida Cabinet's trip to Israel will include top-tier lobbyists, academics

Sentinel: Crew of nearly 100 to join DeSantis to Israel, with sparse Cabinet meeting set

Times: Florida education commissioner suggests takeover authority for long-struggling schools

Sentinel: Donald Trump would tie Joe Biden in Florida in 2020, poll shows. But Trump would beat other Democrats.

Sentinel: Floridians divided over forcing ex-felons to pay fines, restitution before they can register to vote

Sentinel: Gov. Ron DeSantis orders statewide elections security review

Sentinel: In Lake Mary, Joe Biden says 'fabric of the country is at stake' in 2020

Times: 'I paid my dues:' Tampa voters blast Amendment 4 bill requiring fees and restitution

Times: What question should we ask the 2020 Democratic candidates? We want to hear from you.

Times: Florida's chief financial officer was top advocate for bank regulator accused of harassment

Times: Joe Biden in Florida: Another four years of Trump will 'end NATO'

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