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Tuesday - Apr. 16, 2024
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Sun Sentinel: Trump goes from court to campaign at a bodega in his heavily Democratic hometown

Sun Sentinel: New Florida college survey asks students: Does a vote for Trump or Biden end a friendship?

TB Times: Anna Paulina Luna again raises less than a Democratic opponent

Herald: State Sen. Shevrin Jones launches bid to lead flagging Miami-Dade Democratic Party

TB Times: One thing St. Petersburg Democrats, GOP agree on: No to Rays stadium deal

Sun Sentinel: Convicted ex-U.S. diplomat says 'radical politics' at Yale turned him into Cuban spy

TB Times: DeSantis signs bill to curb book challenges by people without kids in school

TB Times: Tampa Bay is no longer a swing region, DeSantis says. Is he right?

Sun Sentinel: Florida appeals in wetlands permitting fight

TB Times: Florida Polytechnic University selects new president

Herald: State may put onus on Florida educators to police 'frivolous' book challenges

Sun Sentinel: DeSantis signs law limiting school library book challenges by nonparents

Sun Sentinel: State attorney Warren suspended by DeSantis changes mind, will run again

Sun Sentinel: Supreme Court questions obstruction charges brought against Jan. 6 rioters and Trump

Sun Sentinel: Florida master of disasters Guthrie talks about hurricanes, migrant flights pause

Sun Sentinel: Biden's latest plan for student loan cancellation moves forward as a proposed regulation

Sun Sentinel: Justices to hear obstruction case that could bar charges against Trump

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