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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I click on a newspaper link, I am asked to register for a newspaper's website. Isn't there a way to avoid this?

A: Yes, there is. Go to: Then type in the web address of the newspaper you want to visit. You will be provided a username and password you can use to bypass the required registration for that site.

Q: How can I click on a link and have it open in a new browser window?

A: On most browser programs, including Explorer, right-click on an article's link to display the 'smart-menu,' then select the "Open in New Window" option. In Firefox, press "Ctrl" while you mouseclick the link to open the linked page in a new tab.

Q: You missed an article or an editorial.

A: On occasion, an article of statewide or other special significance will not be linked due to an oversight or other technical reasons. If there is an article in a major Florida daily that you would like considered for inclusion on the Sayfie Review, please e-mail the newspaper link (not the article text) to Only hard news stories of statewide interest from major Florida dailies are regularly linked on the page. Columns of special significance will occasionally be linked, and editorials are very rarely linked.

Q: How can I review articles from previous days?

A: Click on today's date at the top right of the Sayfie Review page, and you will see a drop down menu of previous dates, from which you can then select the date that you wish to view.