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Thursday - Dec. 18, 2014

Plusicon1 AP: Florida governor blasts Obama over Cuba moves

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Obama's Cuba policy doesn't mean Congress will change laws

Plusicon1 Times: Sen. Marco Rubio the face of opposition to President Obama's Cuba decision

Plusicon1 News-Press: Sen. Rubio, Rep. Rooney criticize Obama's Cuba decision

Plusicon1 Herald: Congressional Republicans look to block Cuba policy changes

Plusicon1 Herald: Miami mayor would fight putting Cuban consulate in the city

Plusicon1 AP: Reaction in Florida to future US-Cuba relations

Plusicon1 Post: Cuban exile community divided over Obama changes

Plusicon1 Ledger: Cuba Natives in Polk React to Change in Diplomacy

Plusicon1 Daily News($): Anger, joy from locals on new Cuba policy

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Central Floridians react to U.S. Cuba announcement

Plusicon1 Herald Tribune: Local reaction representative of shift on Cuba issues

Plusicon1 News-Press: Reaction to softening U.S.-Cuban ties is mixed

Plusicon1 Star-Banner: Mixed local reaction on Cuba

Plusicon1 Herald Today: Locals react to U.S.-Cuba developments

Plusicon1 Times-Union: New destroyer heading to Mayport in 2016 could protect littoral combat ships in dangerous waters

Plusicon1 PNJ: NOAA seeks comment on fisheries policy

Plusicon1 Times: Tampa International adds nonstop flights to the Bahamas

Plusicon1 Times: More in Tampa Bay seeking home equity credit lines as underwater mortgages fall

Plusicon1 TC Palm: Gas prices making history on Treasure Coast

Plusicon1 TC Palm: DEP adopts plan to reduce phosphorus entering Lake Okeechobee

Plusicon1 AP: Officers cleared in killing of FSU gunman

Plusicon1 Today: Eastern Florida awards first bachelor's degrees

Plusicon1 Sun: UF researcher receives $5.5M grant for osteoarthritis pain study

Plusicon1 Times: Jeff Vinik's $1 billion plan for downtown Tampa finally revealed

Plusicon1 Times: Can Jeff Vinik the hockey owner also become Tampa's rainmaker?

Plusicon1 Post: Broward court judge on other side of the bench facing DUI charges

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Decades of U.S. policy toward Cuba will change unless Congress blocks President Barack Obama's plans

Plusicon1 Herald: Deal between U.S., Cuba culminated 18 months of secret talks

Plusicon1 Post: Diplomatic opening: Cuba's behavior with hiring, Internet likely key

Plusicon1 Post: Move to open relations with Cuba still political hot potato in Florida

Plusicon1 NYT: Change in Policy, Like Shift in Demographics, Could Alter Florida's Political Map

Plusicon1 Politico: The Democrats' risky Cuba bet

Plusicon1 Sun: University researchers among locals who could benefit from U.S.-Cuba thaw

Plusicon1 PNJ: Cuba shift could boost Port of Pensacola

Plusicon1 Times: Restored relations with Cuba could have major impact on Tampa Bay

Plusicon1 Post: US-Cuba thaw could benefit farmers, energy and travel firms

Plusicon1 Daily News($): What new Cuba agreement means for U.S. travel

Plusicon1 Tribune: Tampa has much at stake in historic Cuba changes

Plusicon1 Herald: South Florida businesses may gain from revised U.S.-Cuba policy

Plusicon1 Post: Experts: Business with Cuba still a long way off

Plusicon1 Herald Tribune: Florida sees tourism opportunities if Cuba travel ban lifted

Plusicon1 Tribune: Scott, state workers still at odds over drug testing

Plusicon1 Herald: Broward judge invalidates Floridas gay-marriage ban, grants divorce to lesbian and same-sex partner

Plusicon1 Ledger: First Florida Gay Divorce Granted by Judge

Plusicon1 Tribune: State Senate leader eyes route to health coverage expansion

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Senate may consider health coverage for low-income Floridians

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Bill would raise stakes on texting while driving

Plusicon1 Tribune: FPL defends fracking plan before state regulators meet

Plusicon1 Today: Brevard's legislators will meet with local leaders

Plusicon1 redefinED: Raoul Cantero on the legal landscape for school choice scholarships

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Florida's jails: 'Asylums of the new millennium'

Plusicon1 Times: Are Jeff Vinik's downtown Tampa office space plans too ambitious?

Plusicon1 Post: Palm Beach County schools face late start if lawmakers can't be swayed