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Thursday - Feb. 26, 2015

Plusicon1 WSJ: Republican Centrists Look to Jeb Bush for 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination

Plusicon1 Herald: Can Jeb Bush make it right with the right?

Plusicon1 News-Press: Bush looks to woo reluctant conservatives at CPAC

Plusicon1 Post: Bush, Rubio among GOP presidential hopefuls in Palm Beach

Plusicon1 Herald: In Miami, Obama vows to veto any bill blocking his executive immigration action

Plusicon1 AP: At FIU, confident Obama predicts success in immigration appeal

Plusicon1 NYTimes: Visiting Miami, Obama Presses Republicans on Homeland Security Funding

Plusicon1 Times: Sen. Bill Nelson asks Justice Department to investigate Dozier boys' deaths

Plusicon1 News-Herald: Nelson wants federal probe of reform school deaths

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: US pressures Cuba to turn over fugitives

Plusicon1 Herald: U.S.-Cuba talks head to Washington

Plusicon1 Wash. Post: Split Supreme Court sides with Florida fisherman in grouper-tossing case

Plusicon1 NYT: In Overturning Conviction, Supreme Court Says Fish Are Not Always Tangible

Plusicon1 Herald: Trayvon’s parents ‘disappointed’ in feds’ decision not to charge Zimmerman but vow to keep his legacy alive

Plusicon1 AP: U.S. Supreme Court rejects request to execute Orlando killer

Plusicon1 Herald: High court decision on health insurance subsidies could trigger price spike, market meltdown

Plusicon1 Sentinel: SunRail expansion pushed back to summer 2017

Plusicon1 Post: All Aboard Florida encouraging exploration of more stops

Plusicon1 Today: Report: Ocean acidification threatens Florida shellfish

Plusicon1 Democrat: Report calls Tallahassee 'most economically segregated'

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Car rental business soaring at South Florida airports

Plusicon1 NWF Daily News: Economic leaders spread local message

Plusicon1 Post: Guy Harvey resort proposal clears first hurdle

Plusicon1 Herald: Want to find traffic bliss in Miami-Dade? Theres an app for that

Plusicon1 Times: Gov. Rick Scott faces concern from fellow Republicans over tax increase to fund schools

Plusicon1 Tribune: Bill tames tests impact on teacher evaluations

Plusicon1 NSF: Testing debate shifts for Republicans

Plusicon1 Times: Legislation filed that would allow Uber, Lyft to operate legally in Florida

Plusicon1 Times-Union: Health-care advocates hope to pressure Legislature to accept federal dollars and expand Medicaid

Plusicon1 Sun($): Legislature and lawsuit taking on Florida's 64-ounce growler ban

Plusicon1 AP: Watchdog group says big corporations avoid state taxes

Plusicon1 Herald Today: Solar power again on the agenda as Florida Legislature readies to convene

Plusicon1 DBNJ($): Hosseini: No college tuition increases

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Bill would allow lower alimony after retirement

Plusicon1 DBNJ($): Volusia lawmaker wants voters to have say on hospital district taxes

Plusicon1 DBNJ($): Bill proposing ATV use in Tiger Bay State Forest faces opposition

Plusicon1 AP: Former House speaker Sansom seeks $800k legal fees

Plusicon1 Times: Big Tobacco settles about 400 Florida smokers' lawsuits for $100 million

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Despite dismissal of nearly 60 tickets, Boynton still enforces red-light-camera program

Plusicon1 Post: With charter idea dead, West Palm Beach will work with public schools

Plusicon1 Democrat: Gillum says taxpayers didn't pay for Pittsburgh trip

Plusicon1 Sun($): Superintendent named to state DOE committee

Plusicon1 Herald: Controversial Miami police shooting may result in $1M settlement

Plusicon1 Tribune: USF rally showcases reliance on low-paid, part-time faculty

Plusicon1 Herald Today: Department of Health, school district prepare for potential measles cases in Manatee County

Plusicon1 Times: Moffitt Cancer Center sues one of its own doctors over a surgical invention

Plusicon1 AP: Supreme Court recommends suspension for judge

Plusicon1 Times: Charlie Crist's sister and former campaign manager Margaret Crist Wood dead at 60