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Thursday - Feb. 10, 2011

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Florida cities, counties can't afford retirement benefits they've promised employees, study finds

Plusicon1 Tribune: Public pensions get more scrutiny

Plusicon1 Times: Florida cities face underfunded pension benefits

Plusicon1 Times: Scott opposes Obama jobless aid plan

Plusicon1 Times: Fla. lawmakers influence foreign affairs

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Unrest in Egypt: 6 Florida members of Congress are on committee debating U.S. policy on Egypt

Plusicon1 DBNJ: Cops wary of repeal of pill mill crackdown

Plusicon1 Post: S. Fla. board: Scott plan to cut water district taxes 25 percent threatens jobs, Everglades cleanup

Plusicon1 Times-Union: Jennifer Carroll helps Edward Waters keep its funding

Plusicon1 DBNJ: Study: Red-light cameras save lives

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Florida students perform better on AP exams

Plusicon1 Sun: Haridopolos to speak at UF about upcoming session

Plusicon1 Times: Charlie Crist and Alex Sink return to promote oil drilling ban proposal

Plusicon1 Democrat: Drilling opponents campaigning for constitutional amendment 

Plusicon1 Herald Tribune: Florida foreclosures stuck in the mud

Plusicon1 AP: Orlando's VA project being probed

Plusicon1 Today: Rebate shortages cloud solar projects

Plusicon1 Sun: Scott's budget spares Gainesville-area state parks

Plusicon1 Star-Banner: State not interested in running Silver Springs

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: School Superintendent Art Johnson is set to resign

Plusicon1 Post: Statewide orange crop forecast reduced due to recent freezes

Plusicon1 Post: School board to negotiate exit for Art Johnson

Plusicon1 Herald Tribune: Manatee school board wants action on screening

Plusicon1 Daily News: January foreclosure-related filings fall sharply in Southwest Florida

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Businesses, drivers would pay less under Scott budget

Plusicon1 Daily News: Gov. Rick Scott says competition will make Florida economically healthy

Plusicon1 AP: Budget chief says Scott flexible on Fla. spending

Plusicon1 Times: Gov. Rick Scott to lawmakers: Let's make a budget deal

Plusicon1 Herald-Tribune: Scott gets creative on Florida budget

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Gov. Rick Scott overstated budget cuts, legislators say

Plusicon1 Times: Gov. Rick Scott backs away from universal school vouchers

Plusicon1 Herald Tribune: Voucher plan put on back burner

Plusicon1 Sun: Expanded voucher program appears dead for now

Plusicon1 Times-Union: “Waiting for Superman” educator backs Florida teacher pay bill

Plusicon1 Sentinel: Get rid of tenure and bad teachers, Florida lawmakers told

Plusicon1 Herald Today: Rhee defends teacher firings

Plusicon1 Sentinel: 12,000 jobs axed, but Florida schools fear more cuts

Plusicon1 Sun: Governor's budget would cut K-12 spending per pupil by $703

Plusicon1 AP: 15 bids received for Florida's 2 state aircraft

Plusicon1 Democrat: Bids coming in for state's executive planes 

Plusicon1 AP: New governor fires 15 corrections officials

Plusicon1 Democrat: 14 DOC execs terminated as of Friday

Plusicon1 AP: Scott touring troubled Fla. management agency

Plusicon1 Daily News: Gov. Rick Scott to tour Florida Management Services today, announce high-tech jobs

Plusicon1 Tribune: Scott's proposed DCF cuts draw concern

Plusicon1 Post: 166 schools report how they'd meet class-size limits

Plusicon1 Courier: Seven Fla. immigration bills filed, but Snyder's still among top two

Plusicon1 Sun-Sentinel: Man accused of e-mail threat to state lawmaker being held in Martin County

Plusicon1 Herald Today: Hafner pitches the DEAL in Tallahassee

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