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Saturday - May. 22, 2021
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Sentinel: Enterpreneurs, online stores helped by home-based business bill | Commentary

Sentinel: New law continues expansion of educational freedom | Commentary

Sentinel: Replace Republican Party with a common-sense movement | Commentary

Sentinel: Fired pandemic data manager, fierce critic of Florida's governor decides not to run for Congress

Sentinel: Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend agrees to cooperate with sex trafficking investigation: report

Sentinel: Florida consumers get back-to-school, hurricane and 'freedom' sales-tax holidays

Sentinel: New casinos? Games? Sports-betting? A Florida gambling Q&A | Commentary

Sentinel: National GOP seeks to intervene in lawsuits against new Florida elections law

Herald: Marco Rubio, Rick Scott say they're opposed to Jan. 6 commission bill

Sentinel: Florida's rigged economy is responsible for a working-class eviction crisis | Editorial

Sentinel: 'Ghost' candidate in key state Senate race had help from controversial political consultant

Sentinel: DeSantis signs bill for hurricane, other tax holidays

Sentinel: Joel Greenberg Podcast: The Deal | Ep. 5

Sentinel: Is a Trump South Florida casino in the works? Gambling deal makes it easier — and raises eyebrows

Sentinel: Rick Scott among senators least likely to work with Democrats; Marco Rubio much more willing to cross party lines

Sentinel: Homes, businesses have the right to choose energy sources | Commentary

Sentinel: Orlando joins historic study of blood-donor policy for gay men

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